FMA SI-Ballistic-Goggle DE tb422

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FMA SI-Ballistic-Goggle DE tb422


A series of goggles can directly display on his head 
TB421  FMA SI-Ballistic-Goggle BK
TB422  FMA SI-Ballistic-Goggle DE
TB939 - a FMA SI - Ballistic - Goggle pin
B series goggles for combination with helmets, helmet with separated from both sides, card respectively on the guide rail 
TB423  FMA SI-Ballistic-Goggle BK FOR Helmet
TB424  FMA SI-Ballistic-Goggle DE FOR Helmet
TB939 - B FMA SI - Ballistic - Goggle pink FOR the Helmet
C series is enhanced, equipped with exhaust fan, better ventilation effect, goggles with bearing directly on the head 
TB885 FMA SI-Ballistic-Goggle Updated version Fan version DE
TB886 FMA SI-Ballistic-Goggle Updated version Fan version BK
TB939 - C FMA SI - Ballistic - Goggle Updated version Fan version PINK 
The above A, B, C series, belong to the same series of styles, colors to choose from
Producer: FMA
Suitable for outside activities
Material: Polycarbonate; Nylon


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