FMA maritime 1:1 aramid fiber version Helmet FG (M/L)tb853

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FMA maritime 1:1 aramid fiber version Helmet  FG (M/L)tb853

Aramid fiber is a kind of very Stoic material, fire, so we took the laser cutting machine for cutting

maritime version of a Kevlar helmet than one version started to accept reservations , 1:1 reduction net helmet body 760g, specific weight can only wait for the finished product. 1:1 version sold only accept reservations , only in accordance with the normal production of mass production, lightweight

Taking into account that not every player can bear was so heavy, so only the thickness of Kevlar version of the original product can do , for which it is not required to select high or light point can be a variety of pro- choice.

Now picture only pictures to be updated , refined real . . . . ( Book of parents who pay attention oh )

There was general questions:

The question: Will the spinning wheel is not anti- single material ? ?

Answer : Official data show that is possible ( not tested , the answer can not prevail )

Second problem: what to ask can reach international standards ? ?

Answer : not tested, can not answer

Question three: Will there camouflage helmet Fang spinning it?

Answer : Yes, but the time will come out a little longer

Question 4: Will when stock ?

Answer : It is now accepted that the Kevlar version 1:1 Reservations those in a month or so can be shipped , if other problems delayed, we will communicate with you better provide for those who must have the patience to wait for the ( good it takes time before work out ) .

Five questions: Will there Kevlar helmet grainy ?

Answer : yes ( this point is necessary, or will not say 1:1 engraved )

M / L, suitable for 53-57 head circumference , head back into the biggest adjustment knob or the maximum recovery of a grid, a little tune up and down the back of the head hanging screws , 57 circumference being put on just right , and then a big head circumference can not take , need to buy a large yard . ( This is the opinion of head circumference have purchased ABS Helmet buyers given )

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