FMA RAC tactical headphones BK/DE/RG/MC/AOR1 TB1317

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FMA RAC tactical headphones BK/DE/RG/MC/AOR1 TB1317

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 The RAC communication headset products jointly developed by FMA & FCS adopt the TSFS panoramic acoustic environment picking technology and SEO shooting environment acoustic optimization technology, which are designed and produced for professional users and the majority of enthusiasts

Main functions of the headset:
1. Connect to the radio intercom to provide good communication function.(various true model communications devices that are fully compatible with the standards of the U.S. army commission)
2. Automatically and quickly adjust the high sound pressure noise of all kinds of explosions, gunshots, vehicles and aircraft in the battlefield environment to the sound pressure condition that human ears can adapt to.
3. Automatically pick up all kinds of combat environment sounds, without affecting the wearer's normal hearing, good acoustic phase matching of left and right sound channels independently, and actively enhance the hearing and position discrimination of the scene environment and the judgment of tactical environment situation.
4. High strength material is adopted as the protective extension of the helmet for the position of the ear, which can protect the position of the ear to a certain extent and prevent damage from fragments.
5. Distinguish other similar products, based on advanced SEO technology, establish dual-mode (outdoor, indoor) shooting environment dedicated hearing protection mode and scheme, fast switch, more secure and secure hearing protection









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