FMA WeaponLin GRO For Belt DE TB1047-DE

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FMA WeaponLin GRO For Belt DE  TB1047-DE

Manufacturer: FMA
Material: nylon + metal
Weight: 85g
Belt & the Molle two options
TB1046-BK FMA WeaponLin SMR For Molle BK
TB1046-DE FMA WeaponLin SMR For Molle DE
TB1046-FG FMA WeaponLin SMR For Molle FG
TB1047-BK FMA WeaponLin GRO For Belt BK
TB1047-DE FMA WeaponLin GRO For Belt DE
TB1047-FG FMA WeaponLin GRO For Belt FG

The FMA WeaponLin has been consolidated into a single modular design eliminating type-specific variations (MOLLE or Belt) and redeveloped to attach utilizing the Gear Retention Orbit  (GRO). As before, this latest version is optimized for hands free work such as climbing, swimming or detaining personnel. New features include:

• Zero weapon rotation
• Rigid and vertically stable weapon orientation
• Gear Retention Orbit  modularity
• Snag-Free Design
• Broad Receiver Opening for faster placement
• Lower angled engagement surfaces for intuitive tracking
• Lower Profile Rail Grabber with single bolt clamping
• Enhanced Rail Grabber profile for hand positioning/stop along the rail system
• Spring ball material is a wear-resistant plastic reducing material stress over time and reduced audible snap

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