FMA Ballistic helmet series simple version net color TB957-BT2

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FMA Ballistic helmet series simple version net color MC/ATFG/DD/ACU/SW/HLD/AT/TYPTB957-BT2

Manufacturer: FMA
A helmet body (a variety of colors to choose)
The first generation of dried squid gadgets + Velcro + + rail + sponge + helmet with...Form a complete set screw...
Description: simple helmet (JY) compared with ordinary helmet (PT), JY and PT tectonic pattern is consistent, the difference is that JY matching accessories has changed, the helmet body general, JY matching accessories is a common version of the first generation of dried squid + helmet with + the sponges change inside the helmet, other accessories like ordinary version of form a complete set, the details shown in the picture.
Tip: order please note the helmet body color

FMA simple helmet four series of choices, the helmet body color free choice, Camouflage series´╝Ü Multicam/A-TACS/A-TACS FG/ Digital Desert/Woodland/ ACU/Highlander / TYPHON


The following detail (helmet system column and color can choose)

Form a complete set of simple Shroud and small accessories (black sand color)Dried squid triangle three colors follow form a complete set of collocation of helmet


The helmet sponge and helmet belt


Helmet installed after the internal picture (sponge can be freely placed)


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