FMA Control L3A Mindarmor Board BK TB1096

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Introduction of bulletproof inserts for tactical vests:
Product name: GA3 level bulletproof insert board
Size: 25*30cm SAPI cut Angle (10*12in)
Thickness: 8mm
Radians: single surface
Grade: GA3 or NIJ IIIA 9mm
Material: Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) surface coated with polyurea 2 times
Weight: 510g
Purpose: This product can be used with the tactical vest, which can be inserted into the bulletproof vest. The defense level is level 3 independent protection, and the plug-in plate can meet the national standard of Level 3 bulletproof standard or the American standard NIJ IIIA9mm. The biggest feature of this product is that it is sprayed twice with polyurea, which is a waterproof and wear-resistant resin. Coating on the board can better protect the raw materials of the board from the erosion of rain and sweat, and extend the service life.
Suggestions for Purchasing:
Generally, a vest needs two inserts, one front and one back
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