FMA FAST SF Right angle Vent Hole HELMET TB1462

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The newly launched SF series helmet with right angle holes has improved the design of the heat dissipation holes compared to regular helmets. Increase air flow and reduce thermal stress. Crash resistant housing made of fire-resistant ABS material. The geometric shape of the helmet shell plays a protective role in key parts, effectively improving the helmet's protective ability against blunt impacts. Therefore, the helmet is very suitable for tasks such as training in rugged terrain, mountain search and rescue, sea and air, and fast rope descent. It is also suitable for rescue in complex environments and even more harsh task environments.
The inner lining adopts an integrated foam lining, paired with memory sponge, for a more comfortable and personalized overall wear. The knob on the back of the head can more intuitively adjust the overall tightness.
The ARC guide rail system on both sides of the helmet adopts a new design, providing users with a more diverse selection of accessories and wiring harness fixation design. Users can attach small tie straps as needed (to be purchased separately) to secure the wiring. Like other FAST helmets, FAST SF helmets can seamlessly integrate with other helmet accessories such as RAC, AMP, C3 communication headphones (to be purchased separately), forming a complete lightweight headwear protection system. In addition, for those with eye protection needs, a split type anti fog goggles are also provided, which perfectly matches the ARC rail system on the helmet.
The new version of the cuttlefish jerky adopts a design that combines stronger aluminum and fire-resistant ABS materials, achieving a balance between lightweight and firmness. The expansion rope is directly fixed at the bottom of the cuttlefish jerky, which is more effective in protecting important equipment than the old model while maintaining its stability.
FAST SF helmet is the helmet platform mainly used by special units around the world at present. At present, it has been in the Tier ONE and Tier TWO (Tier 0NE includes 1st SFOD-D Delta, DEVGRU Navy Special Development Group, 24STS Air Force Special Squadron, Tier TWO includes Navy SEAL Commando, Special Forces Green Beret, 75th Ranger Ranger Ranger Rangers, ISA Army Asymmetric Group, MARSOC Commando Search Unit) under the JSOC (United States Joint Special Command).

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