FMA MT Helmet-V TAN TB1290

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FMA MT Helmet-V TAN TB1290
Manufacturer: FMA
Materials: ABS engineering plastics have good impact resistance, heat resistance and low temperature resistance.
Weight: 860 g
Size: adjustable for players within 61cm [57-61cm]
Helmet sponge configuration: the MT helmet is specially equipped with high and slow rebound sponge +TPU+ double-sided flannelet + high elastic EVA, 70KG slow rebound sponge, effectively protecting the head; High density sponge can relieve the head, improve the anti-seismic effect and effectively protect the head. The shock absorption is very good, and the wearing is very comfortable for the head. (MT arm-v takes a special stomatal position)
The helmet suspender belt adopts the original standard suspension belt. Adjust to the best position so that the helmet's comfortable stability will be improved greatly, so that the user will not feel the loose feeling when wearing the helmet.


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