FMA Integrated Head Protection System Helmet TB1428

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Manufacturer: FMA
Material: ABS.
Weight: 1160 g
Color: BK/DE/MC
Helmet color: black/sand
Matching helmet color: BK/DE/MC (three colors optional)
: the thickness of 7 mm
1. The latest combat helmet has the function of lightweight shock absorbing and shock energy absorbing, which is the basis of the reliability of the whole helmet system. 7 mm thickness.
Two, multi-function conversion base (metal cuttlefish dry) can be installed adapter connection fixed such as headlamp, camera, night vision instrument and other attached equipment.
Three, specially equipped with V-type guide rail, special shape design, with two slideway small pieces, can bear the transfer of other equipment (such as headlamp, flashlight, goggles, communication equipment, camera and other accessories)
Iv. X-type pad suspension, four-point adjustment is more comfortable and stable, and the elastic adjustment buckle can effectively solve the problem that the traditional helmet belt is easy to loose after wearing for a period of time
Five, the traditional protective pad, memory sponge protective pad, quick rebound, soft and comfortable, composed of 8 pieces of cotton pad.
6. Hook helmet cover protects helmet body and highlights helmet stability. There are 4 reflective recognition blocks hidden on the helmet surface, which can be opened when used. Multi-faceted Velcro, high-strength Velcro, Velcro can be equipped with personalized Velcro and IR recognition lights and other accessories according to the demand, the full range of multi-angle Velcro can make your accessories stick in the place you need. 
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